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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Eastern Shore Event Planner & Designer

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Excuse us while we’re over here mourning the prospect of a Mother’s Day outing (see-ya next year Mother’s Day brunch). But we are determined to make the most of this quarantine holiday, so we’ve rounded up some of our personal favorite gifts that are sure to make this Mother’s Day a little more bearable for all of us! If our husbands are reading, we’ll take one of each please! Who are we kidding, we’ve already treated ourselves :) 


1. Personalized Necklace, Maya Brenner
2.Potted Plant, The Sill
3.CBD Gumdrops, Lord Jones (because we could all use a little calming CBD right about now)
4.Blue Light Glasses, Priverevaux (to save our eyes from all the extra screen time)
5.Pajamas, Polkadot
6.Pretty Blooms, Grace Rose Farm
7.MUTHA Body Butter, Violet Grey
8.Rose Hand Wash, BYREDO (a luxury to support all the handwashing we’re doing these days)
9.Long or Short Robe, Weezie (the softest things on earth)
10.Learn a New Skill, Masterclass (something to fill the endless quarantine hours…hello mixology)


Place Cards Fit for an Outdoor Wedding

Eastern Shore of Maryland Event Planner & Designer

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Outdoor weddings are pretty much our jam! And being that most of our events are under a tent near the water, we’re constantly looking for ways to beat the elements—namely wind. One of our biggest problem areas is place cards. Unless there is virtually no breeze, traditional tented place cards just don’t work (paper + wind = lots of stress!). Fortunately for our couples, we love dreaming up place cards that not only withstand the wind but also add a pop of creativity. Here are some of our favorites from past event designs!

Oyster Shells
A fun nod to the Chesapeake Bay, they’re the perfect addition to any waterside event!

Photography: Renee Hollingshead; Calligraphy: Surcee Calligraphy; Florals: Floral & Bloom


We love getting creative with tile place cards like these marble and slate options. They’re weighted enough to hold up to the wind and they add the perfect pop of texture to a place setting!

Photography: Eric Kelley (top), Elizabeth Fogarty (bottom); Calligraphy: Stephanie B Design; Florals: Amaryllis Designs (top), Crimson & Clover (bottom)

It doesn’t get any cuter than these local honey favors. We used them as “escort cards” to direct guests to their table but they could easily serve as place cards at the table as well.

Photography: Kate Headley; Tags: Stephanie B Design

We used this gorgeous gold clip/white board combo for a wedding where our bride and groom were both educators. Does it get any cuter?

Photography: Renee Hollingshead; Paper Goods: Susan Wilson Designs 

You can stick with traditional paper tags or get creative with materials like leather—yes please! Either way, tie them around your napkin and/or menu with ribbon or string and we’re sold!



Photography: Elizabeth Fogarty (bottom); Tags: Jessica McSweeney Calligraphy (top), Surcee Calligraphy (bottom)

A great option when you’re using raw textures like farm tables. Plus the color options are endless!

Photography: Audra Wrisley; Calligraphy: Stephanie B Design; Florals: Floral & Bloom 

Sandwich Boards
We’re obsessed with these mini sandwich board place cards from one of our studio tablescapes. Can’t wait to see them in action at a wedding soon!

Photography: Renee Hollingshead; Sandwich Board Calligraphy: Surcee Calligraphy; Florals: Sophie Felts 

If you love the look of paper place cards, using holders rather than tenting them is a fun way to beat the wind. We love these adorable geometric holders but there are so many cute options for every style.

Photography: Lauren Swann; Calligraphy: Surcee Calligraphy; Florals: Monteray Farms