Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Eastern Shore Event Planner & Designer

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Excuse us while we’re over here mourning the prospect of a Mother’s Day outing (see-ya next year Mother’s Day brunch). But we are determined to make the most of this quarantine holiday, so we’ve rounded up some of our personal favorite gifts that are sure to make this Mother’s Day a little more bearable for all of us! If our husbands are reading, we’ll take one of each please! Who are we kidding, we’ve already treated ourselves :) 


1. Personalized Necklace, Maya Brenner
2.Potted Plant, The Sill
3.CBD Gumdrops, Lord Jones (because we could all use a little calming CBD right about now)
4.Blue Light Glasses, Priverevaux (to save our eyes from all the extra screen time)
5.Pajamas, Polkadot
6.Pretty Blooms, Grace Rose Farm
7.MUTHA Body Butter, Violet Grey
8.Rose Hand Wash, BYREDO (a luxury to support all the handwashing we’re doing these days)
9.Long or Short Robe, Weezie (the softest things on earth)
10.Learn a New Skill, Masterclass (something to fill the endless quarantine hours…hello mixology)