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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Eastern Shore Event Planner & Designer

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Excuse us while we’re over here mourning the prospect of a Mother’s Day outing (see-ya next year Mother’s Day brunch). But we are determined to make the most of this quarantine holiday, so we’ve rounded up some of our personal favorite gifts that are sure to make this Mother’s Day a little more bearable for all of us! If our husbands are reading, we’ll take one of each please! Who are we kidding, we’ve already treated ourselves :) 


1. Personalized Necklace, Maya Brenner
2.Potted Plant, The Sill
3.CBD Gumdrops, Lord Jones (because we could all use a little calming CBD right about now)
4.Blue Light Glasses, Priverevaux (to save our eyes from all the extra screen time)
5.Pajamas, Polkadot
6.Pretty Blooms, Grace Rose Farm
7.MUTHA Body Butter, Violet Grey
8.Rose Hand Wash, BYREDO (a luxury to support all the handwashing we’re doing these days)
9.Long or Short Robe, Weezie (the softest things on earth)
10.Learn a New Skill, Masterclass (something to fill the endless quarantine hours…hello mixology)


Pressed Greenery Holiday Gift Tags

Eastern Shore Maryland Event Planner & Designer

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We’re definitely guilty of trying to add fresh greens to all things holiday. So we figured why not find a new way to add them to our gift tags this year? Enter these adorable pressed greenery acrylic tags! This is one of those DIYs that’s 100 percent worth doing because it’s A. Easy and B. Makes a Big Statement. Plus we love the texture play of the greens and the acrylic. Happy Gifting!

What You’ll Need

Acrylic Tags (2 sheets per tag)
Mini Magnets (a total of 8 per tag)
Glue Dots
-Pressed Greenery

How to Make Them

  1. Cut off tiny stems of your greens—we did cedar and boxwood. Press the greens in a thick book, lining the pages with parchment paper first. Leave the greens in the book for 3-7 days.
  2. Have a calligrapher letter your tags or do it yourself if you have good writing!
  3. Position your greens on one acrylic tag at a time. Secure them in place with glue dots.
  4. Place the lettered tag on top of the greens. Attach the two pieces together using the magnets—one on top and one on bottom in all four corners.
  5. You can drill holes in the tags prior to starting the process if you want to secure them to the gift with ribbon. But we just tucked the tags into the ribbon and used glue dots to secure them instead, which worked just fine!

Photography: Karena Dixon
Design & Styling: Kari Rider Events
Calligraphy: Surcee Calligraphy
Script Wrapping Paper: Sugar Paper for Target 


Eastern Shore Welcome Gifts 3 Ways

St. Michaels Maryland Wedding Planner & Designer

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We love a perfectly coordinated welcome bag! It sets the tone for the entire wedding weekend and is a fun treat for guests upon arrival. But we know it can be a headache for a lot of couples—one more detail to think through after already making so many logistical and décor decisions. Fortunately, we’re here to help! We’ve crafted three wedding gifts perfect for an Eastern Shore wedding (as featured on My Eastern Shore Wedding). Whether you want to keep it simple with snacks, crab mallets and Rise Up Coffee in a cute canvas bag, or up your game with champagne, custom oyster knives and fresh blueberries in a wire basket that gives off all the water vibes—we’ve got you covered! Happy gifting! 


Photography: Renee Hollingshead Photography
Planning, Design & Styling: Kari Rider Events
Canvas Bag: My Eastern Shore Wedding
Custom Crab Mallets, Oyster Knives & Cocktail Muddlers: Brine Hound via Bay Imprint
Tags: Surcee Calligraphy
Sweets: Steve Konopelski, Patissier
Coffee: Rise Up Coffee
Rum: Lyon Distilling
Candle & Matches: Dwelling & Design